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We design, manufacture a refinery system and produce a special catalyst, special cracking systems.

Our company specialized in know how & advanced technology transfer, particularly in environment protection, advanced recycling technologies, renewable power generation and oil & gas services. 

The company main core is to search for environment solutions & bring future systems and technologies wish enhance the nature resources and energies from specialist leading worldwide companies in its field. 

We are working on finding effective and environment friendly solutions to the projects of energy, water, security, building, roads, environment (environmental pollution) by the scientific qualified teams to know the latest technologies and moderns solutions and to compete with less costs if possible. 

Therefore, our role was to coordinate the activation and create ideas to Middle East and promote the same to our company. 

The company is having agency agreements and partner license for the Middle East, GCC and North Africa, for malty field.

Refinery Systems Services - Simulation and Optimization
(UNISARA - Universal System of Analytic Refining Application)

  • In 2006 joint venture with the STAPROTEC GmbH - Germany in order to open up the market in the Arabian region and North Africa. For technological process optimization in the production of high- octane gasoline.
  • In 2006 CDT Int. WITH STAPROTEC. Development of simulation and optimization procedure for Hydrocracking Process.
  • 2007/2008, Process simulation and optimization tests under different conditions and with tasks in the BRC-Refinery, Syria.
  • In 2007, our engineering team conducted optimization at a CCR-platformer unit in the BCR refinery in Banyas, Syria. For technical reasons within the refinery, the final result was limited 2,9% increase in reformate. At the same time the octane number could also be increase by 0, 5 points. Without the technical inhibitions, the increase in reformate and octane number would have been significantly higher.
  • In 2008, our team was able to optimize a CCR platformer unit with exceptional success with Alexandria National Refinery. As a result, the reformat was increased by 5.5%. At the same time the octane number was even increased by a whole point. At the time, this translated into annual extra profits for the refinery of about 24.000.000 US$. The economical value of enhancing the lifetime of the catalyst has yet not even been included in this calculation. For our engineering success at the refinery we received the corresponding references.
  • 2009 Agreement with Otiaba Group In UAE - Abu Dhabi To Instilled Our System In ABU DHABI OIL REFINING COMPANY - (TAKREER).
  • 2010 marked the beginning of market introduction of the UniSARA simulation- and optimization model in the GCC-countries. Negotiations with BAPCO, Bahrain as well as with ADNOC and TAKREER, UAE have been initiated by CDT. The conclusion of a contract with ORPC is imminent.
  • 2018 new refinery in the north of Iraq.

Heavy Oil Upgrading Services

  • 2013 -2018 CDT sign joint venture with many European companies .
  • Industrial process for the conversion of heavy and extra-heavy crude & fuel oils to light quality with huge value impact, and has successfully surpassed lab and pilot stage with various heavy crude oils and heavy fuel oils from 2007 through 2018.
  • Over 6 refineries installations in Middle East.
  • Cold Cracking Technology (CCT) successfully completed project is currently being introduced on an industrial scale in Middle East.
  • Oil sands Alberta Canada.

Flare Gas Systems Services

  • 2013 CDT sign joint venture with Prema Service.
  • Basell Polyolefine GmbH.
  • Deutsche Infineum GmbH.
  • Evonik Degussa GmbH.
  • ExxonMobil.
  • Holborn Europa Raffinerie GmbH.
  • Petronology International Ca. Ltd.
  • Petroplus Raffinerie Ingolstadt GmbH.
  • Samsung.
  • Shell.

Removal of Sulphur from Recycling-Diesel Fuel, naphtha kerosene 2014-2018

Since diesel fuel will rise in price in the near future it will become quite expensive for the customer. Therefore its time to look for alternatives.

Advantages of the Desulfuration Applying the Sodium Technology

  • No alterations in the crack process necessary.
  • Most economic due to low price of sodium.
  • No release of sulphur dioxide.
  • No further pre-treatment of diesel required.
  • We can reduce sulphur up to 10 ppm. or depend to customer requirement.
  • Remove chlorine up to 90%.
  • Vanadium inhibitor.
  • Remove practical size.
  • Remove salt like Sodium, Coliseum, est.
  • Reduce viscosity.
  • Dispersing of wax and paraffin from diesel fuel.

We Convert Residue [HFO, FO, USED OIL, VR, Etc] To Diesel 2016-2018

  • Three refineries in Iraq each with the capacity of 60 000 barrels per day.
  • A refinery in Algeria with the capacity of 3000 barrels per day.
  • A refinery in GCC area with the capacity of 20.000 barrels per day.
  • A refinery in Bulgaria with the capacity of 30.000 barrels per day.

Seawater Brine Recycling Services

Our scientifically-proven ecological profitable solution to the worldwide seawater desalination problem of harmful waste brines resulting from the seawater desalination process CDT. developed a technology of recycling the concentrated brine resulting from any seawater desalination process.

Our scientifically-proven ecological profitable solution to the worldwide seawater desalination problem of harmful waste brines resulting from the seawater desalination process CDT developed a technology of recycling the concentrated brine resulting from any seawater desalination process. The recycling technology allows the recycling of brines with receiving high-quality drinking water and valuable minerals, such as table salt, magnesium chloride, magnesium-sulphate, potassium chloride, gypsum and other more valuable minerals such as lithium and others.

We have successfully developed and tested Demo Units showing all the aspects of our technology.