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Vanadium Inhibitor

Heavy Metals in Heavy Fuel Oil

Vanadium is an oil-soluble trace metal found in all ash-forming fuel oils. Together with sodium, it cannot be removed in the refining process and has a corrosive effect when burned at high temperatures, contributing to the formation of slag. During combustion, vanadium and sodium oxidize and form semi-liquid and low melting salts (vanadium pentoxide), which adhere to exhaust valves and turbochargers. In practice, the extent of hot corrosion and fouling are generally maintained at an acceptable level through temperature control, an operational solution, and material selection such as the addition of magnesium oxide (Nano Liquid). Nano Liquid additives reduce vanadium’s corrosive potential by binding it with the magnesium, and increasing the melting point of the vanadates; therefore they do not adhere to internal metal surfaces allowing heat transmission and minimizing scale accumulation. Settling.

Due to the size of standard Nano Liquid particles, these products do not stay suspended in the fuel. B 18 blends with HFO with very little agitation and once blended, the nano particles of Nano Liquid stay dispersed evenly without settling to the bottom which is especially important when fuel is not flowing.