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Converting Fuel Oil to Diesel

  • CDT has been working hardly and deeply to develop environmental solutions in the oil and gas industry and other sectors, based on researches that the company carries out in developed laboratories in Germany (Fraunhofer Institute and Research Centre), and specialized laboratories in Turkey like the laboratories of the National Research Centre as well as Yıldız Technical University.
  • This is done within a plan to cope with the international development and the general aspect in this field and through a vision towards the market demands and the future of the oil industry and resources.
  • CDT has offices in Istanbul/Turkey, Hagen/Germany and one office in Bahrain.
  • CDT has developed the technology of Cold Cracking and produced special Catalysts as a result of the researches that has been carried out over the last five years. Cold Cracking technology besides the catalysts are used to process fuel oil, heavy fuel oil and other types of residue and waste oil in order to convert them to diesel.
  • The same are used to improve the specifications of heavy crude oil and convert it to light crude oil in terms of density, viscosity and API.
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