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Refinery Systems Services

  • CDT has different projects/refineries in the Middles East.
  • All projects use the new technology of Cold & Catalytic Cracking and distillation towers developed by CDT with special know-how.
  • CDT has built its own Pilot (small refinery) in Istanbul/Turkey for dynamic tests.
  • This pilot is used to confirm the results of lab research and tests that CDT perform on the customer's feed.
  • Different runs are done to tune the process and determine the final appropriate design for the refining system to reach the highest percentage of yield/diesel with standard quality.

Added Value of CDT Refining System

  • Achieves the goal of increasing the profit margin of the refineries at a lower cost.
  • German / TÜV certified Cold Cracking.
  • Joint Venture with Certified Manufacturers in TURKEY.
  • Wide range of very effective Catalysts.
  • Can be deployed by any refinery using existing infrastructures with no costly modifications.
  • Generate high-value yield stock out from all types of low-value feedstock.
  • Safe system, does NOT require extreme pressures/temperatures.
  • Project pays itself within short period.
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